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invisalign and sure smile clear orthodontics

Adult Braces

Adult Orthodontics with Invisalign® and SureSmile® Clear Aligners

McDonough dentist Dr. Gary Bartholomew has provided adult orthodontics services with clear braces for his patients for over a decade.

Do you have crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth?

You may be a candidate for orthodontics treatment. Our practice provides clear orthodontic aligners with Invisalign® and SureSmile® technology. Clear braces have become an attractive alternative to metal braces for many patients.

invisalign orthodontics
sure smile aligners

The Orthodontics Process

First, Dr. Bartholomew will talk with you about your smile goals to understand your interests and concerns. After examining your teeth, he will use photos, digital x-rays and 3D diagnostic images of your teeth, jaws and facial structures to plan necessary tooth movement.

And, because we are a Cerec® Primescan provider, we will scan your teeth to take digital ‘impressions’. Digital impressions not only eliminate messy impression putty, they also give Dr. Bartholomew the ability to use 3D computer simulation to plan your treatment and discuss the desired results with you.

Once your treatment plan is finalized, we send your custom specifications to the orthodontic laboratory for aligner fabrication.

Your straighter smile is a comfortable and convenient process!

Most adult orthodontic treatment can be completed in 6-18 months; during this time, you will wear a series of aligners designed specifically for you to gradually move and straighten your teeth. (Treatment times vary based on individual needs.)

Our patients have enjoyed the convenience of the aligners - they can be removed for cleaning, and do not limit the types of foods you can eat. And because they are clear, they are barely noticeable when you smile. This flexibility makes clear orthodontics an excellent choice for work or sports activities in which metal braces present challenges.

View actual patients' Before & After Clear Orthodontics photos.

Cost of Adult Orthodontics

The cost of clear braces is similar to traditional orthodontics; fees will vary based on the individual case. Our practice is a CareCredit® dental financing participating provider, CareCredit® offers low interest and long term payment options to fit any budget. Learn more about CareCredit®

If you have a health savings (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you may be eligible to apply these funds to your orthodontic treatment. Some dental insurance plans will cover adult orthodontics. We can assist you with pre-treatment paperwork and questions to ask your benefits administrator, just give us a call 770.507.7435.

Are you ready to get a straighter smile with clear braces?

Contact our McDonough dental office to set up a personal consultation with Dr. Gary Bartholomew today!