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dental tooth extraction

Oral Surgery

Dr. Gary Bartholomew provides dental surgical procedures, such as placement of dental implants or wisdom tooth extraction in the comfort of our McDonough family dental practice.

Dental surgical procedures are sometimes necessary to remove infected teeth or treat defects of the bone or gums.

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Bartholomew performs tooth extractions when it is not possible to rebuild a tooth with a root canal and crown, or, when the tooth is non-functional, such as over-retained baby teeth or a third molar (wisdom tooth).

wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Teeth

Third molars or wisdom teeth typically erupt in the early adult years. These ‘extra’ molar teeth are positioned far back in the mouth and can be difficult to clean, making them prone to tooth decay, irritation and infection. The linked harmful bacteria can also spread to other teeth and cause further problems, including tooth decay, gum infection and bone loss.

Most teenagers experience inflammation and swelling around their wisdom teeth as they erupt through the gum tissue, which can be quite painful. Extraction of wisdom teeth is usually recommended to prevent infection and prevent future problems with other teeth.

Implant Support Surgery

A success factor of dental implant healing is having enough healthy jaw bone structure to stimulate new bone growth around the implant. This type of healing is called ‘osseointegration’, or, the process in which jaw bone cells grow around the titanium implant metal. This process helps keep an implant firmly in place to replace the missing tooth/teeth with a crown, denture or bridge.

Bone augmentation treatments may be required to increase bone levels or replace bone loss caused by infection, trauma or periodontal (gum) disease. To accomplish this, Dr. Gary Bartholomew may recommend restorative surgical treatments such as sinus lifts, osseous surgery and bone and tissue grafts to stimulate growth of healthy bone around a new dental implant. He may perform the bone augmentation procedure immediately following tooth extraction, or, at the time of the dental implant surgery.

Referral to a Local Oral Surgeon

In some cases, our dentists may collaborate with a surgical specialist, or oral surgeon to develop a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Sedation Dentistry

For your comfort during oral surgery, Dr. Gary Bartholomew offers the option of oral conscious dental sedation. Oral conscious sedation is administered by prescribing medications for the patient to take prior to the dental appointment to help them relax during treatment. Learn more about sedation dentistry.

Our office adheres to strict sterilization procedures that meet or exceed all guidelines for OSHA, the CDC and the American Dental Association®.

Please Contact Us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gary Bartholomew. During this visit, Dr. Bartholomew will examine your teeth and discuss your dental surgery along with the expected costs of treatment.